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Biskopsbron 9
02230 Esbo Ajo-ohjeet Näytä sijainti

Helsinki Tripla

00240 Helsingfors Ajo-ohjeet Näytä sijainti

Helsinki City Center

Kaivokatu 8
00100 Helsinki Ajo-ohjeet Näytä sijainti

Helsinki Forum

Mannerheimintie 14b
00100 Helsinki Ajo-ohjeet Näytä sijainti

Helsinki Itäkeskus

Itäkatu 1
00930 Helsinki Ajo-ohjeet Näytä sijainti

More than a job

At Gina Tricot we are lucky enough to do something we are incredibly passionate about. And it shows! It is clear in our culture, in our teamwork and in our products. By putting our hearts into everything we do, we have created a unique set of values that we practically live by. These values create an atmosphere where success and individual development is made possible, and where our passion for this industry gets to shine.

If you want to join a dream team with crazy amounts of passion, then Gina Tricot is the perfect place. We would love to have you!



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